Bonaire Photo Shoot - Island Tours

Get the real Caribbean feeling!


Our Island Tour:  Especially for our cruise ship guests we organize a wonderful island tour to see the best highlights of Bonaire. The southern part of our island that we will visit has a unique varied landscape. We have regular stops on our way and during our last stop, we visit the wonderful paradise of Sorobon Beach and Lac Bay. Guests have the comfortable option to relax as long as they'd like at this lovely place, before they return back to Kralendijk.     

The price is $ 25,-- per person and the duration of the Island Tour is 2 ½ hours. The price includes a cold drink, soft drink or Caribbean beer, and a collage of 42 beautiful pictures from Bonaire on CD. No deposit is required, payment can be done in cash at the selling point on Bonaire during registration

Tour Highlights: Kralendijk, Te Amo Beach/Viewing Point, Pink salt pools, The salt company, Caribbean flamingos, Orange slave houses, Willemstoren lighthouse and Sorobon Beach / Lac Bay.                              




Te Amo Beach / Viewing Point.


Pink salt pools


The salt company


Caribbean flamingos


Orange slave houses


Willemstoren lighthouse  


Sorobon Beach / Lac Bay 

An overview of our South Tour:

Te Amo Beach / Viewing point: 5 minutes after departing from Kralendijk we’ll make our first stop at Te Amo Beach to introduce you to the Marine Park.  This short stop allows you to enjoy the tranquil environment and the spectacular colors of the reef of Bonaire. The uninhabited nature island of Klein Bonaire is located in front of us and with the cruise ship in the background, the first unforgettable pictures can be taken here!  

The salt flats and salt mountains: Driving along the Caribbean Sea we’ll pass Donkey Beach and the neighborhood of Belnem until we get to the protected nature of the south. Here we’ll first visit the huge salt company with a salt production of over 400,000 tons of sea salt per year.  In this fairytale surrounding you’ll see 20 m by 2 miles of pink- until light green salt pools- again the great colors are impressive.    Close to the pink pools and the salt mountains we will have our second stop.

Slave huts and salt plantations: Continuing our round trip we’ll pass mangrove trees, sea turtle nesting beaches and the blue-, white-, red- and orange obelisks of the salt plantations.  Here we’ll take time to explain the history and culture with a break at the orange slave houses- and plantation.

Caribbean flamingos: The salt flats in the south are an excellent location to admire the Caribbean flamingos on Bonaire.  The protected flamingo sanctuary is located in the heart of the south. You can find these beautiful shy birds in the shallow waters of the salt flats and lakes, where they’re continually on the move, searching for food.                      

The wild coast: Driving in the direction of North/North-East we’ll arrive on a totally different coastline. For the biggest part of the year regular trade winds bring in turbulent waves that splash high up on the rocks of the spectacular wild coast of the island. At the most southern point we’ll pass the lighthouse from the south, the “Willemstoren”.  The first European explorers appeared here on the horizon. Nowadays, on a quiet day, divers can search for cannons and anchors from that period in front of the coastline.

Sorobon Beach and Lac Bay: Unexpectedly the road along the south ends with the colors from Sorobon beach and Lac Bay; the largest shallow bay in the Caribbean and with that a wonderful beach. During this last break guests can take a cool drink at the Caribbean beach bar, and take a swim or a walk to the nearby local fishing harbor.  The tour ends with a drive of about 15 minutes through the center of the island back to Kralendijk and the cruise ship market.

For guests who want to spend more time at this beautiful place there is a great option: well organized taxi’s can bring guests back to the cruise ship market for only $ 5.00 per person any time they’d like. During this short break, our guests have this half hour to decide how to plan the rest of their day on Bonaire. A longer stay at Sorobon and Lac Bay or take the time to discover Bonaire futher more?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo Gallery Island Tour BonairePhotoShoot. Click on picture to enlarge and slide.